Marcel Hirscher and the Team Event at the 2017 Ski World Championship in St. Moritz

Team Event Podium
Team Slovakia wins the silver medal, team France wins the gold medal, team Sweden wins the bronze medal during the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz, Switzerland Fotographerr: Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom Copyright: Ski WM St. Moritz 2017

The media interest was at an all time high as Belgian, Dries Van den Broecke, beat the great Marcel Hirscher during the first heat of the Team Event. Hirscher stated prior to the event that the Belgians were a team who should not be underestimated.

Time comparison of the Team Event

The 7 fastest men and women of the competition (complete results):

  1. Matthias Hargin (SWE), 20,69
  2. André Myhrer (SWE), 20,76
  3. Dries Van den Broecke (BEL), 20,82
  4. Marcel Hirscher (AUT), 20,84
  5. André Myhrer (SWE), 20,89
  6. Marcel Hirscher (AUT), 20,96
  7. Manuel Feller (AUT), 20,99
  1. Maria Pietilae-Holmner (SWE), 21,85
  2. Wendy Holdener (SUI), 21,90
  3. Veronika Velez-Zuzulová (SVK), 21,95
  4. Petra Vlhova (SVK), 22,03
  5. Frida Hansdotter (SWE), 22,04
  6. Veronika Velez-Zuzulová (SVK), 22,04
  7. Adeline Baud-Mugnier (FRA), 22,04

Hirscher and Feller of Austria were amongst the fastest in the field. Remarkably, all four of the Swedes were also amongst the quickest. As a result, there was a thrillingly close head-to-head competition between the two nations until a mistake made by Feller.

Marcel Hirscher, Alpine Combination
Marcel Hirscher of Austria on his way to the silver medal in the Alpine Combination at the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz, Switzerland Fotographer: Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom Copyright: Ski WM St. Moritz 2017

We continue with the technical events

We would like to congratulate the Austrian team on a strong performance against the fastest in the competition, who took out bronze. The Slovaks won silver as they were narrowly defeated by the French Team. A massive gefeliciteerd to Belgian Dries Van den Broecke on being the first to defeat Marcel Hirscher in a Team Event at a Ski World Championship. We would especially like to congratulate Matthias Hargin on the fastest time of the day. Hargin’s wife and freeride skier, Matilda Rapaport tragically passed away two months after their wedding whilst filming in Chile in 2016.

We look forward to the rest of the technical events and wish all the athletes best of luck. Who are your favourites in the upcoming competitions?

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