When the time comes to buy a new ski jacket, there are a few things to consider. You require a lot from your jacket. First and foremost it has to keep you warm. Additionally, it has to be waterproof, windproof, breathable and durable. It is also important that it is comfortable to wear and has enough room for mobility whilst skiing or boarding. It should somehow do all this when it is freezing cold, as well as in spring, with 90 km/h wind and during Aprés Ski. Not to mention, the pockets and zippers have to be practical and look good. To combine all of these features can be a challenge, so you need to be sure of your choice. The price should not necessarily be a primary factor when deciding which jacket to buy. Below is some useful information in regards to what you need to look for in your perfect winter jacket.

Thermal insulation

Apart from the under and midlayers the jacket itself must keep you warm. In order to do so, synthetic materials or down feathers are a perfect option. The choice between the two comes down to a matter of preference. The heavier (grams) the insulation, the warmer the jacket.

Staying dry when skiing

Whether it is snowy, rainy, in powder or in a snowball fight, your ski jacket should always keep you dry. In order to do so, the waterproof rating has to be high. 5000mm should be used as a baseline value. The higher the number, the better.

As much fun skiing and snowboarding are, they can also be just as sweaty. If your jacket is breathable, it can absorb sweat. You can control the air exchange with ventilation zippers. If you go inside, you should always take off the jacket to accelerate the this process. It is also important that the jacket is windproof otherwise you will feel the cold wind when you ski fast. You should also make sure that all seams are sealed.

Do you like the ski jacket?

You won’t enjoy wearing your jacket if you don’t feel comfortable. Whether in the park or moguls, the range of movement must be appropriate for both. If you are satisfied with these factors, the only thing left to do is find a style you like. Ski and snowboard outerwear can be colourful, which will enable you to be spotted easily by family and friends and you are also much more visible to others in foggy conditions.

How much should I spend on a jacket?

The price should be a secondary factor when considering which jacket to buy. Expensive jackets generally fare better in the aforementioned categories. A larger investment normally pays off in every case. However, to save you some money, you can buy price-reduced jackets during preseason sales.  They will have different cuts or colours, but won’t differ that much in regards to materials and overall quality.

Which brands have you had good experiences with? Did you feel cold in your jacket? Let us know in the comments below.

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