Rudi Lapper: “Austrian Staatliche Ski Instructors are the best and longest certified ski instructors in the world.”

Staatliche ski instructor trainer under the aegis of Rudi Lapper, mogasi

Rudi Lapper answered our questions about the Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification. How this certification compares internationally; what are potential career opportunities; what further education is possible. If you would like to know more about the Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification, take a look at our previous article: Der Staatliche Skilehrer – was es zu wissen gibt 

Mogasi: You have been all over the world and have analysed different ski nations, how good are Austria’s Staatliche Ski Instructors in comparison to other full-certified instructors?

Rudi Lapper: In international comparison, Austrian Staatliche Ski Instructors, along with those from France and Italy, are the best and longest certified ski instructors in the world.

Mogasi: The various certifications should be internationally comparable under the ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) umbrella, yet there are many differences. How can this topic be better tackled? 

Rudi Lapper: Due to the withdrawal from the ISIA, Austria is no longer comparable with the rest of the world. The differences between the different countries’ certifications were too substantial, especially in regards to the length and content of their certifications.

Mogasi: In Austria there are eight Ski Instructing Federations. How is the inter-federation cooperation and where lie the differences? 

Rudi Lapper: In regards to ski technique, there is only one instruction plan that is valid throughout Austria. The content and length of certifications is regulated time and again to ensure that the standards are consistent throughout Austria.

Many nations model their courses after the content and quality of our certifications.

Mogasi: Are the any areas in which the Austrian certification lags behind those of other nations? 

Rudi Lapper: I do not think that our Staatliche Ski Instructing Certification lags behind any other nation. Quite the opposite, many other nations model their courses after the content and quality of our certifications.  Many instructors from other nations also participate in our certifications, provided they pass the entry exam for the Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification.

Mogasi: What defines a Staatliche Ski Instructor?

Rudi Lapper: A Staatliche Ski Instructor is a multifaceted instructor who can work in any area. They should also be to work in a leading roll within a ski school.

Mogasi: Which opportunities does a completed Staatliche certification give?

Rudi Lapper: With a completed Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification they have a world of opportunity. Staatliche Ski Instructors travel all around the world and are in high demand. Many ski instructors also work in Australia, South America and New Zealand during the summer months.

With a completed Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification they have a world of opportunity.

Mogasi: What does further education entail; how do ski instructors keep their knowledge up to date?

Rudi Lapper: Every instructor must attend a mandatory further education course every five years. It would be of benefit to not only stay up to date in the area of ski technique, but also in many other different areas. For example: service, dealing with guests, language skills, etc.

Mogasi: According to what criteria are locations selected for ski instructor certifications? 

Rudi Lapper: The locations for the Staatliche Ski Instructing Certification have been the same for many years. The entry test is held in Maria Alm/Hintermoos. The practical exams are held in Pitztal and then in St. Christoph. Here we have the necessary snow guarantee and the perfect infrastructure.

Mogasi: In your words, what is the Eurotest? 

Rudi Lapper: The „Eurotest“ is Giant Slalom test at the end of the Staatliche Ski Instructor Certification. The „Eurotest“ consists of certain parameters that absolutely must be met. It is primarily delivered by Italy, France and Austria. However, there are a few smaller nations who also offer it it accordance to the given parameters. This ensures comparability and mutual recognition between different nations.

The Eurotest is primarily delivered by Italy, France and Austria.

Mogasi: Many good skiers, who did not race as children, see the Eurotest as a kind of weeding out process, which is not very important for the ski instructing profession. How do you view this opinion and how well balanced is the Staatliche Ski Instructor exam?

Rudi Lapper: The fact that the Eurotest requires a certain amount of training is clear. I would like to mention, however, that the difficulty of this test has not changed in comparison to earlier. It reflects an inherent ability that is needed by a Staatliche certified ski instructor.

Mogasi: Can you please explain to our readers what an Interski team is?

Rudi Lapper: The Interski Team is comprised of Staatliche Certification Examiners. The team represents Austria at the Interski Congress and perfectly demostrates the Austrian ski technique, especially in formation skiing.

Mogasi: How strong is Austria’s Interski team in comparison to other nations?

Rudi Lapper: As far as the elegance and precise execution is concerned, I think we are at the forefront of international competition.

Rudi Lapper 48, longtime training director of the Tirolean Ski Instructor Federation, training director of the Austrian Staatliche Exam, ski technician, producer of neuen Ski Lehrplans, owner of the Skischule Kirchberg.

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    I have worked on Austrian ski resorts for a number of years now and can certainly testify that Austrian Staatliche Ski Instructors are among the very best in the world.

    This was a really interesting and insightful interview you have conducted here. I’m always really interested to hear people’s stories.

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