Make-Up for a Ski Day

Make-Up for a Ski Day

This article is for all of us who would like to wear make-up whilst skiing. It is completely natural to want to look good when skiing or boarding; take a look at the following tips.

The Skin

It is very important to protect our skin whilst skiing. Therefore, the make-up we wear should not damage the skin. We recommend the use of a suncream with a high SPF. This is also important when it is cloudy or snowing. The UV-rays reflect off the snow; therefore, suncream should never be forgotten. The risk of getting burnt when the weather is good is very high and often you will not notice the skin burning initially due to the cold temperature. After suncream, you should apply powder. Powder not only makes the shininess from suncream and redness disappear, it also holds better than liquid make-up. As fluid freezes in the cold, your liquid make-up would begin to crack quite quickly.

The eyes

Let your eyes sparkle, but most importantly, protect them from the sun. This is done best with a fashionable pair of goggles with a UV-protective lense. I would then recommend applying a waterproof mascara. Otherwise your perfectly applied make-up will be ruined after a few shorts runs as our eyes tend to water whilst skiing due to the wind. Additionally, waterproof mascara usually holds longer than a regular one.

This is a huge advantage for all you party animals. If you plan to go to Aprés Ski you will save yourself the time of applying make-up in the bathroom. You can also shape your eyebrows with a normal eyebrown pencil.

Tip:  Spray a little hairspray over them so that the colour lasts longer.

The lips

Many of you know the painful, cracked and red lips of winter. Especially when skiing, our lips are helplessly exposed to icy-cold conditions. This can be prevented by using a lip care with a light sun protection. Although you may not want to completely colour the lips, you can still use a lip-liner for more shape and definition. If you do wish to add a bit of colour to your lips whilst skiing, we recommended the new lip care range from Labello, Care & Colour.

You can also pop a small lipstick in your jacket and apply it just before you head to Aprés Ski.

With this subtle and natural looking make-up you’ll be more than just an eyecatcher on the slopes.

Which products do you prefer and why?  What are your make-up tricks on and off the slopes?


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