Is the valley run mandatory every day?

The streif, mother of all valley runs

No matter if you are new on skis or an ambitioned skier, skiing back the valley run to the hotel after an eventful day is always tempting. After enjoying the view on top, skiing down the valley always makes us a little proud. But especially in the afternoon, you are not the only one thinking the same way and skiing down can become torture.

Who does the valley run?

A lot of people do the valley runAll skiers would go down to the valley themselves. When getting up the mountain in the morning, seeing the perfectly groomed and completely empty slopes is able to make an impression for the whole day. But the valley runs can change during the day. Besides more and more people, some of them undertake too much, the number of moguls and icy parts will increase during the day. After a long ski day your stamina and power will decrease. If the Jagatee at the ski hat tastet too good, it is a smart decision to get down with the gondola. When you attend the Aprés Ski, no one will ask you, how you got down.

It is flat on top?

Gondola, Tobogganing, Zip-Line, Ski or Snowboard?

Don’t let the first hill delude you. A lot of ski resorts have their base on a plateau above the timber line. When the first part of the valley run looks flat, the rest does not have to be. Often times the runs go through the forest lanes which can be quite steep.

Our tip: Depending on the ski resort, you should at least be able to do Short Turns to do the valley run. If you are not sure you can do it, don’t ski down.

What are the alternatives?

Alternatives are different in every ski area. Some have a flat valley run and you can easily do it. Often times the summer road can be used to avoid steep parts, but they are usually narrow and not much fun to ski. They are sometimes used as tobogganing track. You can also sled down the valley, if the runs are open or the area has more than one run. If there are no other alternatives like a Zip-line or similar, you can still get down with the gondola.

What is faster, skis or gondola?

In which ski resorts do you ski down the valley? Where don’t you? Do you need hints for your most loved ski resort? We are happy to help.

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