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The ski season is upon us and for many of us this is the time of great ski vacation with friends and families! Snow, sunshine, aprés ski and good food – not to forget warm clothes and proper ski gear. Good quality gear makes the whole skiing experience, but often comes at a high cost and can make the trip a big cost before even arriving at the destination. One part of the skiing gear kit are the ski goggles. They are crucial for skiing, protect your eyes from snow, wind and most importantly, UV-light. They improve your vision in tricky conditions and also look pretty cool.

During the past years a couple of startups have started to create ski gear to affordable prices and one of them is MessyWeekend, a young startup from Copenhagen. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Women’s and men’s ski goggles – highest quality to a good price

The startup MessyWeekend designs ski goggles and sunglasses and sells them to affordable price, not compromising the quality!

The FLOAT XE2 is a revised version of their existing bestseller model. The lens is dual-layered and made out of ‘grade 1 optical quality polycarbonate’, which means they are basically unbreakable, durable and lightweight. They provide a high contrast view and make details in the lightning and snow visible. The goggles also come with an anti-fog coating to make sure that you’ll get the best view possible during long hours of skiing. They also protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation with full UV400-protection (UVA + UVB).

They also offer a nice, comfortable fit and you can wear the ski goggles over glasses. They are affordable and can definitely be found in the category of budget ski goggles.


Polarised Ski Goggles – Their newest family member

Their newest member in the family of snow goggles are the INUIT XE2 and XEp. MessyWeekend’s successful kickstarter campaign released these goggles with a photochromic lens. That means, that in changing weather conditions, the glasses can adapt. They darken when the sun comes out and the other way around. No need to pause skiing and change the lenses.

Doing good with MessyWeekend

MessyWeekend cares about the environment as much as about good design and high quality. For every sold glasses they clean up 2 kg of plastic from the Pacific Ocean. Together with ProArtso, they clean up the Pacific Ocean, raise awareness for the plastic problem in Colombia and help locals clean up their beaches.

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