Mountain Holiday Or Packed Like Sardines

Enzian beim Zeinissee, Galtür, Mogasi
Zeinissee, Galtür

Deep turquoise water, transparent like a sea of crystals. Endless serenity. A complete lack of civilisation as far as the eye can see. The smell of freedom and tranquility mixed with the sweet smell of sun cream. A light breeze caresses your skin, only it is not a sea breeze, it is an alpine breeze. You are not lying on the beach, you are on the banks of a crystal-clear mountain lake.

Mountain holidays are no longer just a weekend getaway for retirees. Summer tourism has become an important market for alpine regions that are typically winter destinations. The number of overnight stays in Summer in the Austrian Alps has risen by 7% in recent years. It is an ever ascending trend. Holidays were formerly associated with luxury and a lot of chichi. However the philosophy now is more: back to nature, unwind, leave the fun society behind and head towards a mindful one. The younger generation in particular, are moving from sea regions back to the mountains. They are swapping flip-flops for robust hiking shoes. Adventure combined with relaxing wellness, hiking and sunbathing. The mountains have a lot to offer and choosing to holiday there has some advandtages:

10 reasons to go on a mountain holiday:

1. Moutain lakes and fields of flowers

If you think you can only have water holidays at the beach, think again. Clear mountain lakes are a refreshing alternative to the sea. Blossoming meadows filled with flowers can easily keep up with the sandy beaches.

2. No sharks, no coconut danger

Statistically, more people are killed by falling coconuts than by sharks. Fortunately, shark attacks and the even more frequent coconut killings occur very rarely in the Tirolean mountains.

3. Colours

Blue and brown. Water and sand. Beaches can be beautiful but they do not have the colours of a summer-soaked mountain. As the snow melts, the colourful flowers are revealed.

Fieberbrunn, Wildseeloderhaus, Berg-Urlaub
Fieberbrunn, Wildseeloderhaus ©Tirol Werbung / Pupeter Robert

4. Short, environmentally friendly journey

To get to the mountains usually requires either a short train or car ride. Long flights are saved and at the same time the resulting ecological footprint is reduced.

5. Stress less.

Holidays should be stress free zones. However, your typical summer holiday destinations are potential stress inducers, which can affect your relaxation. Overcrowded Italian beaches, beach vendors and screaming children in your immediate vicinity… In the mountains, however, there is enough space for everyone. Upon arrival at a mountain lake you will not find sun lounges occupied by the towels of German tourists, nor will you find sunshades covering the sun-soaked beaches. Instead you will find peace and serenity. Bird choirs and cowbells are the only melodies that interrupt the endless silence of the mountains.

6. Back to the roots

In times where the trend is to be “far away”, always further away and where it seems cool to organise a trip on the other side of the world and to use the hashtag #wanderlust as often as possible, people are choosing to head back to the roots. Whether it be exploring the mountains right or their front door step or discovering new alpine regions, this has become more popular than ever before. As it should be.

7. Regional

Economically, ethically and ecologically speaking, a holiday in the Alps is Non-Plus-Ultra. To stay in privately-run cottages, consume regional products and to be a customer of local businesses, enormously supports the regional economy. To eat in small alpine pastures, to drink the milk fresh from the dairy and to take the train to your holiday destination instead of supporting major airlines, international travel companies as well as multinational corporations. Pure quality with a pure conscience.

8. Price-Value-Comparison

The mountains are free, the jumps into the lakes are free and the peace you find in the mountains is priceless. Real costs are only travel, accommodation and supplies. As with beach holidays, there are different price categories when it comes to mountain holidays. The younger generation who find themselves in the mountains tend to opt for a more authentic experience and stay on the mountain in rustic dorm-like rooms or in more comfortable private rooms. A three day mountain tour for two people including overnight stays and meals as well as provisions costs about 400 euros. The luxury option in the Alps is to stay in a wellness hotel and can cost over 1000 euros for one night. The happy medium for a typical weekend getaway in the mountains is a 3 star accommodation. All inclusive, a week will cost roughly 1000-1500 for two people.

Osttirol, Strassen, Tassenbacherhof
©Tirol Werbung / Hörterer Lisa

A perfect mountain holiday is very subjective. Anything is possible and what someone expects, how luxurious it has to be and whether it is ascetically enjoyable depends on the person and will ultimately determine how much a person will need to spend.

9. Pure pleasure

Anyone who goes to the mountains, wins! You gain distance from the everyday struggle as well as from our present consumer and service-driven society. The mountains are calmer than cities and overcrowded holiday destinations. Climb the mountain step by step as you enjoy the view in complete peace. You have time to relax and think, sunbathe and can walk barefoot through wide meadows with a blade of grass in your mouth and a smile on your face. You will end the day with good food and the best wine. This is surely the most pleasant way to recharge your batteries quickly and return to normal life regenerated and balanced. The most lasting form of relaxation!

10. The mountains are versatile

Anyone who thinks of mountain holidays thinks of endless hikes and blister covered feet. Not quite! Adventure paired with wellness evenings, sun bathing and roadtrips. Climbing tours, learning the life on a farm with the children, strolling through rustic alpine meadows, hiking discoveries and sunrises, adrenalin adventures high in the sky during a tandem flight, yoga on the mountain, outdoor cinema under the starry night sky. The mountains are versatile; there is something for everyone!

©Tirol Werbung / Herbig Hans

Where will your summer vacation take you?

The classic beach vacation is nothing compared to a mountain holiday. There are beautiful mountain lakes, colourful meadows, spectacular mountain peaks, beautiful wellness oases, traditional mountain huts, the most delicious cuisine from the Alps, great scenery for an envy-provoking instragram shot and unique sunrises all waiting for you. And if you listen very very carefully … you can hear the waves crashing in the mountains. It is probably just a nearby waterfall, but in principle that makes no difference. So off on a mountain holiday; because on the mountain you are closer to the sun….

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