Anna Gasser, 100 points :)

Anna Gasser, Backside Double Cork 1080, 100 points

We want to highlight great sports performances in the category Ombi of the Day. What Anna Gasser did in the Big Air Finals of the World Championships in Sierra Nevada was nothing less than sports history. Sie is the first women to land a Backside Double Cork 1080 in an event. And she stomped it incredibly. The judges awarded it with the maximum score of 100 points. Together with the first jump she made 189,5 points and clinched gold in the Big Air competition.

The video shows all three attempts:

  1. Cab Double Cork 900 – 89,5 points
  2. Backside 720 – 77,75 points
  3. Backside Double Cork 1080 – 100 points

Thank you for this moment Anna!

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