Ski Technique: How Skiing In Moguls Can Be Fun


To ski moguls is a constant challenge for us skiers. It is not without reason that moguls still count as one of the main disciplines in skiing. Moguls, which once convered entire areas of land, have become more rare. This is in part due to the fact that modern ski resorts put a lot of effort and energy into optimal slope preparation. In addition to this, the use of “machine snow” makes slopes much more compact and durable. “Artificial snow”, which consists of frozen and compressed water, contains considerably less air and is therefore more resilient than natural snow. Just in time for spring, when the temperatures rise and the snow becomes slushy, they are back: the bumps on the slopes.

How do moguls emerge?

Every skier leaves ruts or divots in the snow. With frequent skiing these ruts become deeper. The sprayed and pushed snow forms heaps, which creates moguls. A naturally formed mogul can be over one meter high.

There are special types of these normal moguls. They are precisely measured and formed by hand for mogul contests. Unfortunately, only a few competitions moguls competitions take place in Austria. One upcoming would be the Lowlands Mogul Cup from 27th to 29th of April at the Kitzsteinhorn in Kaprun.

Prerequisites for skiing moguls:

In order to ski moguls safely and actively, you should demonstrate a few fundamental skills. These include:

  • A solid short turn (carved short turn).
  • Good balance.
  • Sound coordination.
  • Adaptability.
  • A high level of physical fitness.

If you have these skills then along with a few easy tips, everyone can learn to ski moguls.

Tips and exercises for moguls

When skiing moguls, maintaining contact with the snow will be one of your main tasks. Try to use your legs as shock absorbers. Bend your legs as you ski onto the mogul. Plant your pole before the highest point of the mogul. Then turn and edge your skis. The last step is to extend your legs into the trough and finish the turn to control your speed.

Exercises for mogul skiing:

  • Traverse over moguls: Practice bending the legs as you approach the mogul and then extending them into the trough (compensation technique).
  • Single turn: Stand on top of a mogul with bent knees. Turn your skis and slide down the mogul. Extend your legs as you enter the trough.
  • For the next step, you can try to link some turns. At the mogul, bend your knees and in the trough extend them again.

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