Innsbruck – Ski Touring, Bikes And Burning Calves

Magdalena Wimmer around Innsbruck
Foto: Armin Ribis

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Magdalena Wimmer and I am 24 years old. I was born in Styria but have been working as a fitness trainer in Innsbruck for over than three years. In short, I am a Styrian-Tirolean.

Magdalena Wimmer
Foto: Armin Ribis

Innsbruck is a city with many opportunites to participate in different sports. It does not really matter which kind of sport; here you can do everything. Whether it is skiing on the Nordkette in winter or biking and slacklining along the banks of the Inn river in summer. Simply anything you could want – and its all in one city. Not having to get in the car inspires Tirol’s state capital. No one looks at you weirdly if you have your ski boots on and are carrying yours skis whilst riding your bike through the city. That’s just normal Innsbruck madness. Here the saying “life is hard in the mountains” doesn’t really apply. Rather than hard it is diverse and beautiful. On the other hand it is hard because the mountains are our passion.

I am an enthusiastic winter sportwoman. Whether on skis, snowboard or touring skis. Currently, these sports are booming in Innsbruck and the surrounding areas of Tirol. These types of leisure activities have also captured my interest. Logically, if know how healthy they are. They stimulate the cardiovascular system and improve endurance. They are comparable with cycling or jogging. The cherry on top of the cake is that I can be outside in the fresh air whilst doing such activities. The mind and soul are thankful for this. Ski tours are experiences in nature and adventures at the same time.

Glacier Ski Tour
Foto: Armin Ribis

In all honesty, how many of you sweat whilst skiing and consider this a sport that is very exerting? Apart from Marcel Hirscher and the like. In the case of ski touring, for many the main attraction is to climb a mountain and ski down in the untouched powder snow. But which muscle groups are required for this particular sport? In addition to all the leg muscles that perform the main work, the trunk muscles are also utilised. As an endurance sport, ski mountaineering enduces an increased energy expenditure as well as strengthens the muscles. A physical requirement for this is good basic and strength endurance. After the ascent, there should still be enough reserve power for a safe descent. You will come to expect that after some tours, the calves will burn.

Mountains around Innsbruck
Foto: Armin Ribis

However, there are a few simple tips and tricks that will enable you to still enjoy the descent after a long ascent. To prepare for the winter, choose sports where a good basic endurance is necessary. In this so-called steady-state-method, the training is performed continuously with a low load. For example, walking up a moutain with poles, mountain biking in the country side or even swimming. I personally prefer a healthy mix of strength and endurance sports. You should learn to listen to your body and follow a properly devised training program. Sport should primarily be fun and varied. A good tip is to constantly change your training routes in order to get enough variety.

In my view, movement increases the quality of life in the long term. A city like Innsbruck provides the perfect environment to be active or to become active in the future!

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