Is Snowboarding Easier to Learn than Skiing?

Snowboard in Deep Snow
Snowboarder: Merlin Tael Foto: Nicolai Jørgensen

A lot of beginners ask the question: Is skiing or snowboarding easier? Skiing and snowboarding have a lot more in common than you might think. Not only are both done on snow, the time it takes to be able to go down easy slopes safely is about the same (3-6 days). Both sports are easy to learn for everyone. Technically, a turn consits of three phases in skiing and snowboarding alike:

  1. Initiation: The turn is initiated with a vertical movement (up/down), which will flatten the boards and gravity will allow them to turn into the fall line.
  2. Edge Change: The change from frontside to backside or vice versa is similar to  changing to the edge of the future downhill (outside) ski
  3. Steering: Once you changed your edges you can steer the turn in control out of the fall line by putting pressure on your skis or snowboard.


Is snowboarding easier?
Snowboard: Merilin Tael, Elizaveta Baranova Foto: Nicolai Jørgensen

Is snowboarding cooler?

In this regard, you definitely have an advantage with a snowboard. Since both legs are strapped to the board, you will never need to snow plough. In a sense, you look casual from the beginning. However, it is colder since as a snowboard beginner you will fall more often. Once you have learned the basics, you can move onto steeper hills and learn to slide using your edges. You have to be more confident on a board since you cannot brake during the turn with a snow plough. Starting out you will envy skiers for their poles when it is flat.

At first you learn the snow plow
Skier: Margot Steffens Foto: Nicolai Jørgensen

Which is more fun?

You will not get a clear answer from us for this question. Depending on the day, either can be more fun. We think both sports are great and want you to have as much of a “Gaudi” as we do. Try to learn both and decide for yourself.

If I can ski already?

Regardless of what winter sport you have learned, the feeling of sliding on snow will help you learn to snowboard. Depending on age, athleticism and motivation, a good skier can learn to snowboard fast. Children can learn snowboarding effectively when they can ski parallel. If you plan to put your kids on a snowboard earlier than this, you might need to take care of them a bit more. That you can achieve that at a young age shows 6 year old Nico, in the video we posted.

Skiing off-piste
Foto: Nicolai Jørgensen

Can you ski and snowboard? How long did it take you to learn either of them? Which do you like more? Let us know in the comments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at

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  1. I tried both, I can confirm that learning process took the same amount of time (I mean a few days). I started with skiing and then few years later I started to learn snowboarding.

    What I like on snowboard was the easy going style and soft boots (the best when you are waling in the apres-ski), what I do not like is the turns on front side, it needs a lot of drill to find confidence to turn front, backturn is pretty natural and easy, but you need also front turn which is much harder (mentally).

    So I returned to skis again last year and I enjoy it a much.

    • Thank you for commenting!

      On a snowboard, everyone favours one turn or another – usually this is just a matter of training and technique, since turns on frontside are slightly different than on the backside and take courage in the beginning. In my experience, looking straight up the hill helps a lot to master the FS turn.

      Happy shredding,

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