More Grip when Skiing: Edging Tips


To have grip when skiing is crucial.  Along with having good material, it is also important to properly steer the turn.  Steering the turn whilst on the edges like the professionals is something that can be learnt.

The most commen question asked is: ‘How can I get more grip more when skiing?’ In this article we want to provide some useful information and exercises to help you achieve this.

Why train edging for more grip whilst skiing?

By practicing edging you can improve the skier’s ability to grip the snow.  A well-edged ski can hold a more precise track. This will result in a more exact turn and a safer feeling for the skier.

What role does the ski play?

In relation to grip, the material is vital.  Manufacturers are always coming out with something new for every season to please the customers. Traditional World Cup models of skis are normally not available to the general public; however, the recreational versions of skis are more than appropriate for acquiring grip.

Ski tuning.

Rental skis are always well prepared upon collection.  For those who own their own skis, a full-service semi-regularly should suffice.  Naturally, if conditions are icier then you will need to have your skis serviced more often.

Exercises for edging

  • Side steps: Step sideways up the hill, roll the ankles and knees into the hill to edge the skis.
  • Traverse: Traverse with poles infront. Traverse keeping the uphill ski tail in the air. During the traverse try to finish higher up the hill than you started using the edge.
  • Side-Slip/Edge set: edge the ski using ankle and knee joints, release the edges with an up motion allowing the ski to slide and then reset the edges.
  • Hockey-Stop

Here are some edging tips from the Ski Austria Academy St. Christoph for achieving an expert level of edging.

If you have further questions about this topic or any other edging exercises, we would love to read them.


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