We met Freestyle Skier André Sonderegger for an interview

André Sonderegger

André Sonderegger is a 24 year old freestyle skier from Galtür and currently a student at the University of Innsbruck. Unfortunately, he got injured and cannot ski anymore this season. As a welcomed distraction, we were allowed to interview him.

At first we’d like to know what injury do you have and how did it happen?
Posterior cruciate ligament rupture and a tibial plateau fracture. I did not know the kicker and was too fast on the speed check in the first round and overshot the landing.

When can you ski again?
I cannot say for sure when I can ski again. Usually it takes about 6 months after such an injury.

What is your rehab training?
Restoration training and a lot of remedial exercises including stabilisation.

How did your freestyle career start out?
I saw the video Happy Dayz from Poor Boys Productions. That inspired me totally. In the following years I went to Freestyle.ch in Zürich, a ski contest in the city. Then I started to build kickers with friends in the powder.

Would you say that you are a professional Freestyle skier?
No, I think you are only a professional when you can make a living from it.

What part of freestyle skiing fascinates you the most?
You can do what you want; be creative. Being on a mountain with friends, that’s what I digg.

How do you prepare for the winter season? What other sports do you do?
I often go skiing on a glacier. Strength training. In the summer time I go skate boarding and cycling. I also like playing football, but I don’t have a lot of time for that.

What is your favourite trick? What trick can you do best? How do you learn new tricks and how long does it take you to do them?
Cork 360 and Switch 540 with various grabs. I can probably do a 720 best. I often learn new tricks by chance or can imagine the sequence in my head and then try it out.

How do you work out during the ski season?André Sonderegger
During the season I mainly do stabilisation exercises with weights.

Why skis and not snowboard?
I learned to ski when I was little and stuck with it. Although, I have to say, that I’d like snowboarding as well.

What do you think is most important for freestyle skiing in regards to material and clothes?
Hahaha.. You should have a jacket, so you don’t feel cold.

How many pairs of skis and boots do you own/do you need a season?
I have one pair of ski boots. My Armada skis are quite stable. Due to that I don’t need a lot and if I do, I get new ones from my sponsor.

What ski resorts/parks do you prefer and why?
It really depends on the season. Stubai glacier is very cool in Autumn for example. During winter I like to be in Ischgl due to all my friends with whom I started being there. The Samnauner area and so on.

Where have you skied already?
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, USA, New Zealand.

What is your best memory when you think of skiing?
I was skiing in New Zealand with friends. That was a truly cool time with my good friend Maxi Noppeney. Since I like skiing in spring, I have a lot of cool days then as well.

What is your recommendation for freestyle beginners?
Do not overdo it. It is called “Fun”park, but you should take it seriously. Ask for tipps from good skiers and always be honest about what you can do and what not.

Who sponsors you?
Armada, Starshop Ischgl.

This season a good friend, Christian Stadler from Spy optics, wanted to sponsor me but due to my injury it did not happen.

How did you get your sponsors?
I got Armada thanks to a former classmate. That was at the beginning when the brand came to Europe. I was young and sent Armada a few pictures and a little later they sponsored me. The Starshop came in combination with Armada.

What do you have to do for your sponsors?
I mainly have to represent the brand in the area of the Tiroler Oberland. Since I have been with them for quite a while, they don’t give me real requirements. Armada is very familiar.

What contest do you participate in?
I haven’t participated in contests lately. I participated in contests like the Kirschbaum Battle. But I am not that much of a contest rider. I enjoy making cool pictures and videos a lot more.

What do judges focus on at contests?
Difficulty level, execution, variety of the different tricks. For example grabs and what direction you spin.

What are your goals for 2017?
That I can ski normally after this injury. And that I can ski as well as before. Most important is fun and lots of funny days. In my opinion this brings you the furthest.

What are your goals within freestyle skiing?
I want to be more creative and try tricks that I have been thinking about for a while. It is called freestyle. Just ski differently to others and have your own style.

Thank you André Son for being the first interviewee for our Mogasi Magazine and we wish you a fast recovery. And that you have awesome days skiing and we take great pictures and videos with you.

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