We skied with Georgina Cantwell

Georgina Cantwell skiing
Georgina Leigh Cantwell

Two weeks ago we skied with Georgina Cantwell and got the chance to ask her a few questions. You might know her from the TV Show “Taking New York”, the last season of “Big Brother”, or maybe you have seen her around the mountain. We already knew she is a good skier and wanted to prove that with a few photos. Thanks for a great time, Georgina, and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

What is your actual job description?
Well…. it was Reality TV star; however, at the moment I am not doing TV work but that could change in 2017! So for now I am working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

How did you get into that?
When I was living in NYC I went to school at Parsons School of Design and during my time there a few of my friends and I were doing pilot shows for reality TV series. Then one got commissioned and we decided to sign the contract and film the season! Unfortunately, that series didn’t get a season 2 and the next year I got asked to do Big Brother so I did that in 2016. Hopefully in 2017 I can do another show; I really love it! It also allows me to do my design in between. Luckily, I don’t have a corporate job!

When and where did you learn to snobwoard/ski?
I was about 6 I think, in St. Anton, we would go every February for half term for a week. Then as I got older we’d go with family friends and there would always be a massive group of us kids in ski school or with private instructors. I’ve been going to Ischgl since I was about 12!

What ski areas have you been to? Which ones do you like most and why?
I have skied St Anton, Kaprun, Zell am See, Zell am Ziller, Grindelwald in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, Aspen (Colorado), Breckenridge (Colorado), Park City (and Deer Valley, Utah), Stratton in Vermont NY, and mainly Ischgl. America’s skiing is totally different, lots of powder and red runs, the black runs are lots of moguls. I didn’t find the skiing that challenging there but for powder, it was amazing. It is totally different to Europe, light and fluffy!

Why did you do the Anwärter (did you pass it)?
I failed the theory part…. but that’s because I only really speak English and a handful of German phrases that I learnt. But I did the exam so I could spend a season in Ischgl after I finished High School.

How was your time as a ski instructor?
I LOVED it. I would love to do another season but I don’t think anything could beat my year. I think I need to leave it on that note! My skiing improved a lot during my season but I think it’s because you ski with a variety of instructors on your days off.

What of your gear is rented? What do you always buy?
So, I used to always rent but then when I stopped growing I got my own gear. It becomes expensive to buy new skis and boots every season when you’re young. But when I was going for a week a year, it didn’t matter to rent.

Do you even rent skis/snowboards?
Sometimes I rent skis to try them out before I buy them. I never book my rentals online, but I will research reviews online before I go and try the skis.

Carving Turn from Georgina Cantwell

Did you watch the slalom in Kitzbühel and see that Brit, Dave Ryding, is now part of the slalom world’s elite?
I actually didn’t watch it, but I did hear the news that he finished 2nd, which is amazing to have a Brit in the World Cup Ski Race!

How often do you go skiing each year?
Now, I usually go about three times per year; two ski weekends and then a week ski holiday with my family. I used to go for two weeks over Christmas/New Year and go back to ski school during the holidays when I was at University.

How do you prepare for the winter?
Well, I think skiing for me is now muscle memory, I don’t tend to get tired or sore muscles skiing. The Apres ski tires me out most! But I tend to go boxing, and to spin class at the gym a fair amount of times during the week.

What is important about your ski clothes?
STAYING WARM! I get cold really easily; I swear by Hestra ski gloves! I also have always worn a helmet, and always will wear one. I know I am a good skier, but everyone can have accidents, and someone can easily ski into me and take me out!

More skiing or more party?
Both!? What’s a ski trip without some apres ski!!

We had fun with Georgina

Thank you so much for the great day, Georgina and we are looking forward to seeing you on the slopes again and hopefully Nicolai can take some more pictures of you!

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