Kim (Dancer in a Strip Club): “I am not in the ski area for the sports, but for a drink or lunch with my girls.”

Mogasi, Strip Club

What does a day look like working in a strip club in a ski area? Kim, the 27 year old romanian does table dance for 4 years and is the 3rd season in Ischgl.

Mogasi: Would you call yourself a Dancer, actor or sales person?

Kim: Well… I could say all 3 from above. First of all I consider myself a dancer. But it’s difficult to work in this kind of job without being a good seller. Selling drinks and dances are the major parts in this industry.

And besides all of those, I could also call myself a therapist. You have no idea how many people are coming in a strip club just because they don’t have anyone to talk to or need an advice and so on… We are always there to listen.

Mogasi: What made you decide to do come to Tirol?

Kim: The very good reviews of this area from other dancers and dancing agencies. I thought to myself, well… if it’s so good, I must try it!

Mogasi: What question do you want to be asked?

Kim: “Would you like to drink some champagne?” I don’t really have a preference! Every person is different, so every conversation is quite unique. I just go with the flow and enjoy the talking!

A shot of Jäger always helps!

Mogasi: First a lap dance with a 53 year old and shortly after with a 19 year old
– is there much difference for you?

Kim: A lapdance is just a show – a paid service. There is no difference in dancing for a 19, 53 or 62 year old. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman or even a couple.

Mogasi: Do you have a lot of regular customers?

Kim: Yes. People, who enjoy the time in our club always tend to come back, and it’s great to see them. It’s like meeting old friends!

Mogasi: Are the rules in a Strip Club international?

Kim: Yes, most of the rules are the same everywhere.

Mogasi: A lot of alcohol, late and long hours, lack of sleep and living with a lot
of girls – is there often drama or do you enjoy your time together?

Kim: We spend so much time together that we end up being like a family. We are always there for each other – in hard times, but also in party times! It’s great fun!

Mogasi: Working a winter season job is always intensive. What is the biggest
challenge for you?

Kim: The biggest challenge for me is not seeing my family for quite a long time. That’s the hardest thing.

Mogasi: How often do you go to the ski resort?

Kim: Quite often, actually! Not for the sports, but for a drink or lunch with my girls. The view is spectacular, so we try to enjoy it as much as possible! Great energy!

I love when I end up learning something new after a conversation.

Mogasi: When you feel under the weather, how do you get ready for work and
give great performances?

Kim: A shot of Jäger always helps!

Mogasi: Pole dance becomes more and more popular as a sport, is it all you
need to stay in shape?

Kim: No, not really. Working in a strip club implies drinking a lot of champagne, and as we all know champagne do tend to get us a little chubby, so in this case pole dancing is not enough. A little bit of time in the gym and a healthy diet is always necessary!

Mogasi: What conversations do you like most when a customer invites you to
a drink?

Kim: I love when I end up learning something new after a conversation.

Mogasi: Do you drink all of it?

Kim: Yes, I do!

Mogasi: How relevant are drugs within employees and customers?

Kim: The strip club where I am working has very strict policies against the use of drugs, and any violation of that rule ends up with the termination of the contract and notifying the authorities for legal matters.

Mogasi: Where do you go after the Winter season? 

Kim: I’m going home to see my family, my pets and my friends!

Kim (27) is from Romania and works the 3rd winter season as a dancer in a Strip Club in Ischgl.

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