The Perfect Ski Boot

Ski boot

One of the biggest challenges for skiers can be finding a ski boot that fits. Everyone’s feet are different from heel to toe. This often makes it difficult to find a boot that is comfortable and performs well.

Which ski boot is right for me?

This depends on your level of skiing and the purpose of the boot. As a beginner you should look for a ski boot with a softer flex. This is more comfortable for walking and with a softer boot your range of motion is higher which will make it easier for you to learn to ski. When you progress to advanced skiing, you need a boot with a stiffer flex to have a more precision so you can control your skis better.

Adjust boots if you have pressure points

Take your time when buying new ski boots. You should be sure to test your boots extensively during your first fitting followed by subsequent adjustments as necessary. Since your feet change throughout the day, problems can occur later. It is common to discover pressure points in the boots during your first few days skiing in them. Our advice is to purchase ski boots with the help of an expert. The best option would be to buy your boots when you have a couple of days to ski in them to make sure they fit perfectly. Alternatively, you can also buy foam-fit ski boots that will be molded specifically to your foot. They are more expensive but if you have “problem feet” they might be your only option.

How long does a ski boot last?

Ski boots rarely break, which is why you see old ski boots being used for decades. Nevertheless, you should buy new ones every few years depending on how often you ski. Much like skis, boot technology is improving constantly making skiing more comfortable for you. Your feet may change over time, potentially creating new pressure points. On top of this, the boot’s stiffness will decrease; we refer to them then as “rubber boots”. People who ski the majority of the winter season (ski rescue, ski school, lift staff, etc.) often buy a new pair every winter.

It can be a challenging task to find the right boots. How did you get your ski boots? Do you have problem feet? Share your experiences in the comments section, via E-Mail or social media.

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