Ski-Technique: Pia’s Lesson, Part 2

Ski-Technique in a ski lesson

As covered in the last ski-technique article, we were able to observe Pia during her ski lesson. In order to improve her technique, Pia booked three days of private lessons each 90 minutes in duration. On the first day we made the following video:

We asked you the following questions:

  1. What does Pia do right?
  2. What should Pia try to improve next?
  3. Which exercises will help her to do so?

Our answers to these questions:

  1. During this filmed run and also throughout the entire lesson, she can always control her speed. This is because she builds up enough pressure on the ski during the steering phase of the turn.
  2. As a next step, we see the release of the skis with a forwards-up movement to initiate the next turn and develop a better alpine basic position.
  3. Exercises, repetition of movements or explanations are helpful. As an example: holding the poles horizontally in front.

Pia’s Ski-Technique is improving

Pia did a lot of exercises and video analysis with her instructor in order to improve the position of her hips. On the third day we made the following video:

It can be seen that she is doing a much stronger up-down movement to release the skis. She also improved her alpine basic position which is most noticable in her hip position. Another clear improvement is the size of her snowplough has reduced and her upper body stays much quieter during short turns and is almost always down the hill.

Her goal, to ski a more dynamic and athletic short turn, was achieved. Pia was very happy with the progress she made. Even though there was not much time and a bad weather day made things difficult, Pia was still able to improve her technique. These open up many new possibilities for her skiing as she can react much more flexibly to different situations. Furthermore, she can feel and notice her own mistakes much better now and can try to reduce these herself with exercises. She was also able to get through some mental barriers and ski some steeper terrain, which of course greatly increases the fun on the mountain.

To finish, we would like to thank Pia once again and we wish her many beautiful ski days where she can continue to improve her technique. We are very pleased that we can show what progress can be made in such a short time.

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