What Goes On In Ski Resorts During Summer?

Ski resorts during summer, mogasi, pitztaler gletscher
©Pitztaler Gletscher

Up until the 90s in the last century, summer was the driving force behind Tirol’s tourism industry. In the meantime, winter has become much more profitable. The degree of said profits naturally varies from region to region. We want to take a look at who and what is in the ski resorts during summer.

In essence, summer activities can be divided into three areas.

  1. Construction
  2. Agriculture
  3. Tourism


Alpine club huts, cable cars, reservoirs, bike parks and summer grooming all fall into this category. These works cause an increase in heavy traffic in addition to standard construction noise. However, it is important for the region as these jobs essential for all of Tirol.

Herefore it is in everyones interest to keep the pollution to a minimum for locals and tourists. To completely avoid any impacts is impossible as the summer season in which such work can be conducted is very short in the mountains.

Regardless of whether it is maintenance, new construction or renovations, these investments are a driving force in our country and highly necessary. The work must comply with rest periods and ecological measures.

Construction is very important but those who wish to be in the mountains can easily avoid it. Almost all mountains are free from construction.


Tirol’s animals inhabit many ski resorts in summer. Cows, horses, sheep and goats graze in the pastures and provide a typical image of our mountain world. Incidents with animals cannot be entirely avoided. There has be an increase in suckler cows kept, which save both the nature and the farmer’s time, but they are not very used to humans. Although farmers are required to habituate the animals to humans, it is also the responsibility of these people to respect the animals when they enter their habitat. To avoid conflicts it is of importance to walk around cow herds and make yourself bigger when in danger. Hikers should pay attention to the animals’ signals; which snort and stomps they do, their tail hanging away from their body is a clear sign of threat. Dogs should always be let off a leash in such situations as they are natural enemies of cows.

Kitzbüheler Horn, Mogasi
Kitzbüheler Horn ©Tirol Werbung / Rathmayr Michael

The woods are also used. Careful reforestation is conducted to ensure a healthy and intact forest is maintained. The woods are of importance as they provide timber, which is processed in the valleys, firewood, which is very traditional here, as well as protective forest against avalanches and landslides. Forestry is also associated with hunting. Hunters must try to ensure a natural balance due to a lack of predators. The return of bears and wolves would be anything but positive for the flora and fauna. The possibility of this ocurring without incident is very unlikely in such a densly populated area, which is why hunting is so important.


In addition to skiing in the glacier region, there is an exciting mix on offer in the Alps. There are no limits to adventure. Whether it be with bikes, e-bikes or unicycles, people have countless possibilities to have fun in the mountains and engage in sporting activities.

Mountain biking in Tirol
Mountain biking in Tirol

It will only be a matter of time before companies discover and use the mountains as incentives or work-holidays. To have the whole office together in the mountains participating in active teambuilding through joint activities could soon become a reality. It is now common, thanks to great infrastructure, that football teams will hold their summer training camps in mountains. In addition, families are naturally the most important group who need varying activities for all weather. Since today even deceleration needs to be structured and ran according to plan.

Hinterschießlingalm, Scheffau, Family in Summer, Mogasi
Hinterschießlingalm, Scheffau ©Tirol Werbung / Pupeter Robert

Aside from this there is another group, the mountaineers. They are the original tourists and they gladly accept the time it takes to climb a mountain.

Do you spend your summer holidays in the mountains? What do you like most on the mountain?

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