Shredchix – Our “Puddlhaube” ALWAYS Stay On!

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What does an ideal shred-day look like? Who are your role models? What do you do on the mountain? The Shredchix consist of 13 girls who share a passion for snowboarding. They give us an insight into what the 3 magic words are, as well as what their favourite tricks are and how they keep themselves fit in the summer.


Mogasi: When and why did you start the ShredChix?

Shredchix: ShredChix started during the 2015/16 Winter. For us it was simply about friendship and our common passion for snowboarding.

Mogasi: Do you accept members? If so, are there any prerequisites? 

Shredchix: Not really because for us it’s more about the fun of shredding and our friendship.

Mogasi: Are you sponsored? What are the conditions?

Shredchix: We’re not properly sponsored but our backer is SPC – they give us specials deals with Ride.

Mogasi: Where do you come from and how did you team up?

Shredchix: Most of our girls are from Ischgl; however, Alicia is a Spaniard and Sabse is our token German.

Mogasi: Who are your personal role models?

Shredchix: Without a doubt girls like Amie Fuller and Anna Gasser ; who really send it. Additionally, our “Shred Mama” Anna Schneider is a role model to all of us.

Mogasi: Apart from park, what do you do on the mountain together?

Shredchix: The expression “No Friends on Powder Days” does not apply to us at all. Powder runs are lots of fun when done together.

“3S: shred, swig, sleep.” Shredchix

Mogasi: What do you do together during the off-season?

Shredchix: After the winter season, we usually go our separate ways and everyone persues their own goals. In summer we go hiking, skating, surfing or downhill biking together.

Mogasi: What does an ideal ShredChix day look like?

Shredchix: Here it’s a bit like chalk and cheese because for some of us it looks like this:

Well rested in the morning with nice weather and riding the whole day in awesome conditions and in the evening falling tired but happy into bed.

For the other ShredChix are the “3 magic S”: shred, swig, sleep.

Mogasi: It was cold, it was wet, it was exhausting and it was nearing “Hangry o’Clock” – what is your comfort food?

Shredchix: Steaktoast! Or everything that Allegra has to offer…


Mogasi: What do the ShredChix put on (or take off) for a day of shredding?

Shredchix: Our “Puddlhaube” ALWAYS stay on!

Mogasi: Now, apart from inner beauty, is it important to look good on the mountain?

Shredchix: Style is important when snowboarding but the fun park is not a catwalk. When all ShredChix ride together there is a unified look, you can see us in our pink jackets.

For Ramona, when choosing her Shred clothing: “Warmth is the main thing” 

Mogasi: Who of you waxes and/or tunes their own Board/Skis?

Shredchix: …we have our connections 🙂

Mogasi: Do any of you have contest experience?

Anna Schneider and Betty have ridden in contests, our B-Shretty often competes in skate contests.

“I can do more than tare a cruciate ligament.” Anna Wolf

Mogasi: What parks have you explored together and which is your favourite?

Shredchix: We have already ridden the Hintertux, Kaunertal, Kitzsteinhorn and Stubai parks but due to time and resources we mostly ride our home park in Ischgl.

Mogasi: You definitely have different skillz and preferences, who does what the best?

Shredchix: Each one of us has tricks that she can do well. When it comes to jibbing rails, Betty has the best line. Anna S has the style; Martina is a freerider; Ramona and Alicia are always super motivated; Sabse is a Shifty-Queen, Mimi loves to take risks; Nadja, Isabelle and Lisa prefer riding on piste and Anna W says “I can do more than tare a cruciate ligament.”


Mogasi: Apart from winter sports, what do you do to stay fit?

Shredchix: Everyone of us has a sport she likes to do. Whether it be football, yoga, swimming or hiking, the ShredChix are regularly doing sport. In the summer it is mostly some form of board alternative i.e. surfing, skating, wakeboarding…

“Another goal would be to bring more professional snowboarders to Ischgl.” Shredchix

Mogasi: How many hearts are broken by the ShredChix per winter?

Shredchix: The “Gentlelady” doesn’t kiss and tell.

Mogasi: You organise parties regularly in Ischgl. Would you like to combine this with a contest?

Shredchix: We have already talked about doing something like that. Should we seriously want to do it, we would definitely need support from the SPC or the Silvretta Seilbahn AG.

Mogasi: Are there any other ideas / plans that you want to implement as ShredChix?

Shredchix: Possibly to also have parties in the summer. Another goal would be to bring more professional snowboarders to Ischgl so that we could break these hearts as well. Just joking, of course to get some inspiration and to take snowboarding a bit further. 

Mogasi: Finally, what music do you listen to on the mountain or do you also ride without it?

Shredchix: Anna and Martina often ride without music. Otherwise Hip Hop, Jungle, Techno, Rock and Oldies. Then there is also the (compulsory) Apres Ski Hits in the valley…

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